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The road to LETLOVE is paved with two lanes: one end flowed with dreaded breast cancer diagnoses, despair, gruesome and trying treatment programs and ultimate recovery. Surprisingly, the other lane flowed with an abundance of LOVE, support, encouragement, community and the Spirit of Ubuntu – gloom turned to bloom, fears into joyful tears and peace that surpasses all understanding. Choosing to take the second lane turned an otherwise challenging season into a beautiful journey of LOVE, and so LETLOVE was birthed.

Cancer of any kind is such a dreaded illness, not surprising that a diagnoses is usually plagued by negative thoughts, feelings and outlook on life. However the tunnel was one radiating with light for us and we hope to become beacons of hope for those recently diagnosed and those going through treatment.

Little children let us not love in word or talk but in deed and truth (1 John 3:18). This passage is at the core of the establishment of this foundation – to touch the lives of cancer patients in a special way-stretching a helping hand and build a community of support- where words of encouragement are shared with those undergoing cancer treatments, a platform where one can come to and feel uplifted, strengthened, encouraged and most importantly experience LOVE.

Through our personal stories of triumph, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of early detection, raise funds for cancer patients and ultimately spread love and support at a time when it is desperately needed.



When you LOOK good you FEEL good! We have therefore started a purposeful clothing range which to give cancer patients exactly that.



The foundation raises funds through sponsorships and donations from individuals and corporates: to give a helping hand to those in need of additional financial support whilst going through treatment.


Chemo Care Package – these are thoughtful packs to give cancer patients a smile during the recovery process. They range from food, snacks, toiletries and LETLOVE clothing.


Faith is not a denial of facts, but it is denying the facts the ability and right to control the circumstances of your existence. Let Love has created a platform where inspirational, testimonies, spirit uplifting and words of encouragement are shared.

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Mabedi Lusithi

Diagnosed at 32, I took up the role of Wakanda Warrior to fight for survival. From the blood tests, scans, pokes and prods, daily specialists’ visits to the eventual chemo sessions. I still choke up when I think about it. One word sums up my entire cancer journey - LOVE. I saw it, felt it, touched it and basked in its magnificence. I wish it for everyone going through even the most minor challenge of life and hope to spread it through this foundation.

Nomalanga Sibeko

A wife, mother of two, daughter, sister, friend, and a career woman- with so much to live for.I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 34. My journey has been one of love and fighting the good fight of faith. It is my desire to pour out the same love I have received so graciously to others going through the same thing.


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